Below I will list the building plans for Castle Vorkaar, watchtowers, forts, etc. I will also include a list of the room plans for Castle Vorkaar.

Castle Vorkaar Plans Edit

A firm, outside defense. A wall made of stone slabs, 5 slabs high. a castle gate. castle will be 12 to 15 blocks high. flags with the Q.F.H. symbol will be mounted outside. blazer torches will also be included. the castle will have 2 floors. and a cellar. inside the main hall will be the meeting room. a table surrounded by chairs. and a chandler above the table. Rooms Filled with supplies will also be included. And anyone who joins will have their quarters. their/maybe your room will include: A bed, 2 large chests, 1 small chest. torches. The castle will be made of stone bricks.

Watch Towers Edit

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